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Coffee - THE start to the day

For many of us, coffee is simply the start to any day and that fresh, rich smell and luxurious taste is the ideal drink to help us tackle the day ahead.

It`s also reassuring to know that if you drink coffee in moderation - between one and three cups a day- it has some great health benefits too. Scientists have shown that this moderate intake boosts our health in many ways and there are some clear biological reasons behind that wide awake feeling that coffee can give us first thing in the morning.
Naturally, if you are very sensitive to caffeine then you should pay close attention to your intake but for the majority of us, there are no issues if you stick to the recommended intake of between one and three cups of coffee each day.

The antioxidants in coffee help to ward off a number of health issues and there are suggestions that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s Disease. This would be down to the fact that the moderate intake of coffee each day will help to trigger the neurotransmitters in the brain that help to fight these diseases.

Those antioxidants help with mind and body too and there are huge benefits elsewhere. According to some studies, those who drink moderate doses of coffee on a daily basis are less susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes. These studies are backed up by the claim that your coffee intake helps to boost the sensitivity to insulin within your body.

The health benefits don`t stop there however, as it has also been shown in many studies that the antioxidants in coffee can lead to a healthier heart and a healthier liver as we go through life. It`s also been shown that the moderate intake of caffeine via your favourite drink can also relieve headaches and help to prevent migraines. Once again, this is thought to be down to the boost of brain sensors that mild doses of caffeine provide.

Remember that if you are sensitive to caffeine products then these advantages will not apply but it`s reassuring to know that the best drink of the day carries so many health benefits.

For the majority of us however, we drink coffee simply because we love it and there is nothing like it when it comes to setting up the rest of our day. Coffee in the morning heightens our senses and the sheer pleasure makes us more alert.

But those added health benefits are good news too and if you`re already part of the  caffesociety.co.uk or you have yet to discover the great pleasure that morning coffee can bring then there`s never been a better time to enjoy this wonderful drink.

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