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2019-05-11, 16:57
used when we had emergency situation. service was amazing going above and beyond to help us. thank you
Iain McJarrow
British Lion Food Store
2019-01-26, 17:10
Prompt service great food, I will keep using this site for all the little things I miss from the UK
Lydia Anders
2018-09-04, 11:38
Such a pleasure to buy goods here - really fast service and frozen in best condition when it arrives. I'll be buying regularly :)
Eden Torch
2018-05-23, 06:09
The Lion is excellent and I would recommend to any ex-pat that wants UK goods delivered to their door. Ordering is v easy and very efficient. Have used them on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.
Sandy Gibbs
2018-04-21, 06:07
I would have no hesitation in recommending British Lion Food Store.
It has such a wide variety of items to choose from, it's really like going to the local supermarket!
Great service, cheap and fast shipping, so you can't go wrong
Michael Dugher
2018-03-25, 06:03
Cannot fault this company, the choice, the quality and the prices are all without question, brilliant. The packaging and attention to detail in the packaging is the best. Love the offers such as free postage. . There will always be staple English foods we cannot survive without .. a million thanks, a Great service
Ellie Houghton
2018-02-04, 06:40
I love this company as they take great care of packaging and get the order out in a very timely manner. I have telephoned and emailed them and the response is fast and very satisfactory
Ian Aldwych
2018-01-14, 06:41
For British expats, this is totally the online shop you need to know about! All those wonderful British eatables you've missed, wrapped with care and shipped quickly to wherever you happen to be. Every package filled with nostalgia...
John Baron
2018-01-10, 12:32
I had an excellent shopping experience with British Lion. I have already referred others and plan to shop again soon. Shipping was fast, accurate and well packaged.
Liz Buckley
2017-10-07, 14:37
So much more than just a food retailer - detailed attention to personal service. Couldn't ask for more and so much better than all the other food retailers in Bulgaria. bravo!
Bryan Carson
2017-09-22, 07:07
Quick, Easy and efficient British Food :)
Galina Atoyan
2017-05-29, 12:46
Excellent chic internet shop. The greatest choice of classy food in a huge range and that the main thing at affordable prices!
Liz Buckley
2017-05-22, 13:37
British Lion Foodstore OMG how can you improve on perfection
Liz Buckley
2017-05-18, 17:37
Again received my order right on time and beatifully packaged as always. I can only repeat, if you haven't used British Lion before, do not hesitate since the quality of the food is exceptional, never fails to please, and as ever great communication and value for money - best retailer of English food in Bulgaria.
Sergey Tikhvinsky
2017-05-11, 10:47
Wonderful place! There is everything for true gourmets! Recommended to all!
Elizabeth Buckley
2017-05-04, 08:09
Yes, just completely PERFECT so delighted with the service will be ordering again and again and again thank you all so much.
Stepan Arnautov
2017-05-01, 10:42
Excellent chic interet shop. The greatest choice of classy food in a huge range and that the main thing at affordable prices!
Дмитрий Пивоваров
2017-04-14, 10:41
Very beautiful serving of dishes, all at the highest level. It can be seen that the cooks are trying. A wide choice of dishes, suitable for all tastes. Excellent shop. I recommend.
Якуб Арыгалиев
2017-03-29, 15:38
Шикарный выбор там приятная атмосфера и много разной деликатесной продукции.
Дмитрий Хайзенберг
2017-03-28, 15:31
Магазин очень понравился. Хороший ассортимент по довольно таки приятным ценам . Просто рай для гурмана. Отличное обслуживание. Всем рекомендую!!!
Виталий Гловацкий
2017-03-25, 15:30
Замечательное место, красота неописуемая - просто потрясает! Очень уютная атмосфера, сладости здесь безумно вкусные! Провёл чудесные мгновения в этом магазине - побывал словно в сказке! Всем советую!!!
Stepan Arnautov
2017-03-21, 15:29
Excellent chic interet shop. The greatest choice of classy food in a huge range and that the main thing at affordable prices!They provide online grocery shopping free shipping.
Мария Мастюгина
2017-03-19, 15:27
Замечательный сайт, рассказывала друзьям и им тоже очень понравился. Выбора море, на любой вкус и цвет. Спасибо
Adrian Coltrane
2017-03-17, 13:32
Excellent Service

The food has always been good, but the speed of delivery is now excellent. If you want to cut your food bill, use this site.
Tri Clay
2017-03-16, 07:53
It's the 4th time we ordered from British Lion Food Store and we are happy with the service every single time! George responded to our order very promptly and kept us informed from the moment he received the order until delivery. With excellent thermal packaging, it keeps the frozen selections that we ordered freezed. We always received our order in less than 48 hours since the moment we placed the order. I particularly love the excellent gourmet selections and will definitely order more! It's safe me weekly grocery shopping trip to town.
Vicky Davis-Thomas
2017-02-23, 11:21
Another good experience

Received my order in their time frame quoted. Always good products and excellent service.
Vyacheslav Kuchinsky
2017-02-08, 17:13
A good gourmet shop, always a large assortment, everything is fresh and tasty, service at the highest level
Elaine Sommers
2017-02-03, 16:16
Feels like home again - missed all my favourites, but not any more!
Edward Wilkinson
2017-01-28, 13:05
A very great pleasure for me to come across this great store where I can get all my favourites
Andrea Sewell
2017-01-26, 14:07
Wonderful service from wonderful people with wonderful products - you couldn't really ask for anything more!!
Александр Яринский
2017-01-16, 17:16
Only from one memory of your food is salivating, always recommended only your meals, all your friends, now I want to recommend you to friends on Facebook. Develop and please us with new yummies. Good luck!!!!
Irina Kotok
2017-01-13, 17:19
Oh its very nice foodstore, i love it very much and will invite here all my friends!
Иванов Александр
2017-01-10, 17:15
Прекрасное кафе (на вывеске красуется "бистро", однако столики на улице - отличные, внутри - действительно больше похоже на бистро). Понравилось буквально все: готовят очень вкусно, цены гораздо ниже, чем в ресторанах у моря, единственное, действительно маленькое по площади, приходилось гулять неподалеку и ждать, когда освободится место, т.к. хотелось попасть именно туда, а это уже говорит о многом.
Миха Бармалей
2017-01-08, 17:14
Шикарные блюда прекрасные рецепты.Оформление на высоте. Очень хорошая группа рекомендую всем
Alison Edwardes
2017-01-08, 13:37
Really superlative place - we'll be visiting again and again :)
Klauss Kutchkin
2016-12-09, 19:32
Very pleased with the service. Excellent service, very quick, great food, great people.

I definitely recommend this store and will ne a regular customer.

Thank you Natalia and George.
Elizabeth Buckleyt
2016-11-27, 19:37
Perfect service i have been shopping for a while now always spot on service quality is exceptional and delivered well protected to my house via courier no hesitation in recommending British Lion and George its almost my one stop shop.
Elaine Plag
2016-10-29, 12:30
Thank you for superb 5 star all round service .
Lianne Docherty
2016-10-23, 11:57
The British Lion Food Store is absolutely brilliant. The quality of the meat is second to none, such good value. The delivery service is excellent, comes on time and packaged very professionally. Absolutely cannot fault in anyway. I have tried other suppliers in Bulgaria and none are a patch on this company.
Dave Alvin
2016-10-23, 10:54
This was my first order with British Lion Food Store and I have to say I was very impressed with them. The quality of the items I purchased is fantastic. The delivery service was excellent, with everything being delivered by Econt. My items were delivered in two large boxes, both containing freezer bags and ice packs to keep everything cold. A couple of the items I had ordered had unfortunately been excluded from the shipment but this was immediately rectified when I contacted the support line to inform them. I will definitely be using them again, in-fact I have the "everyday basket" on a bi-weekly re-order. Overall, brilliant.
Elizabeth Buckley
2016-10-19, 09:02
Receiv ed my order promptly and well packaged. I you havent used British Lion before do not hesitate the quality of the food es exceptional, never fails to please, great communication and value for money best place for british food in bulgaria in my opinion
Maks Skorpion
2016-10-11, 09:47
Магазин самый лучший, продукция вкусная, мне очень нравится. Качеством продукции очень доволен и широким ассортиментом. Рекомендую всем. Успехов и процветания.
tom speakman
2016-09-10, 04:48
Thankyou George. Brilliant service delivered on time. Will be back. Tom
Skay Nike
2016-08-31, 07:35
Очень хороший магазин советую!
Sergej Derenok
2016-08-28, 07:34
Много слышал про это место. Всё действительно на высшем уровне, очень понравилось. Всем рекомендую.
Lera Ahmonav
2016-08-25, 07:33
Отличный магазин! Всегда стараюсь заехать туда, когда бываю недалеко
Viktor Viktor
2016-08-22, 07:32
Очень хароший магазин, очень понравился жене. Будем частенько заглядывать.
Иван Самарников
2016-08-20, 07:32
Классная страничка, для тех кто любит вкусно покушать. Очень много полезной информации для гурманов кулинарии.
Сергей Македонский
2016-08-18, 07:30
Мне очень нравится этот магазин - огромный выбор по нормальным невысоким ценам. Как только попадаю на сайт, так сразу хочется всего и сразу.
Nell Ned
2016-08-16, 07:29
Everything is very cool and looks appetizing! Thanks for the useful information.
Vasia Noyabirskii
2016-08-14, 07:28
Огромный выбор , просто вкуснейшие блюда аж слюньки текут когда вспоминаю ) посоветовал друзьям думаю они будут в восторге! Желаю вам процветания и развития , радуйте и дальше своих клиентов вкусняшками!!!
Влад Кравченко
2016-08-12, 07:28
Всегда свежие и сытные вкусности Жинка покупает у вас в магазине, а я потом лакомствую ими) Спасибо за то что вы есть! Процветания вам!!!
Сергей Фирсов
2016-08-11, 07:27
Very nice store with really high quality products and good prices. All the advice!
Ilya Rychkov
2016-08-09, 07:26
It's just a great store. A service level. The dishes are very tasty and the prices are attractive. I wish You only success
Michail Velikolepov
2016-08-06, 07:25
Были у вас с женой не так давно-оба в восторге.Хотим еще раз посетить.
Дмитрий Данилов
2016-08-03, 17:27
просто великолепные репцы различных блюд)
Dave Jacobson
2016-07-24, 08:30
I recently received my first delivery. I have no comment to make because I agree with all of the other comments. Excellent service, excellent delivery and excellent food. Thank you British Lion for a job well done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Liz Buckley
2016-07-22, 09:19
Another great delivery just great service all round, i am so delighted and can highly recommend this site for its quality and service.
Liz Buckley
2016-07-06, 08:42
10/10 Perfect delivery in this heat amazing effort by George and his employees and ECONT highly recommended by me. All frozen food arrived fully frozen, great value great taste really happy thankyou.
Liz Buckley
2016-06-24, 12:01
hiya 2nd order in this heat marvelous service all food still frozen and come quite a distance spot on service and today enjoyed sample of food with bulgarian friend
Elizabeth Buckley
2016-06-22, 08:10
What can I say PERFECT so delighted with the service will be ordering again thank you all so much.
2016-06-14, 11:42
Would love to perpetually get updated great website!
Trevor Rand
2016-05-31, 11:54
Awesome service

Our orders have always appeared promptly and correct.
The quality of the products has always been 5* along with the price. Always a friendly team to contact and they reply and sort things out so very quickly.
So pleased we've found these guys.

Thank you
Mike Brunnen
2016-05-15, 09:36
Couldn't have been more pleased.
As the title says my first order arrived on time was of excellent quality and chilled to perfection.
Not to forget that it was also an excellent price.
Will be using again many times and so will all my friends who I am recommending this company to.
Paul Hainke
2016-05-14, 17:07

delivery quality of packaging and food excellent..would definitely order online grocery and robinson drink from British Lion foods again..prices are good aswell..
Enke Hilder
2016-04-30, 06:22
Quality service, quality food

The website is easy to negotiate and the ordering process is equally user friendly. All deliveries have arrived on time and have been correct. All the food ordered has been very good quality and full of flavour.
Anne Lambert
2016-04-30, 06:11
Excellent service and excellent quality

Can't fault them, the meat was delivered quickly and was of a high quality. It arrived cold with the ice packs still frozen, amazing.
2016-04-25, 22:22
I'm really enjoying the the design of your website.
Mark Peek
2016-04-10, 06:21
I just want to put a recommendation on here for British lion George. I put a food order in with him. All communications were very good and all food was good and in date. I highly recommend to everyone.
Samantha Hitchins
2016-04-08, 08:06
Good products and advice

Ordering is simple, the products have always been delivered with 2-3 days of ordering. IF a product is not available they try to provide you with a better quality alternative. Products are cheaper than any where else. Always well packaged. Any queries are answered immediately.
Alternative Imports
2016-04-07, 14:59
I am constantly being blown away by the customer service at this store! They truly look after the well being and satisfaction of all of their customers. I will never get my British products from any other supplier again. Thanks!!
Louise Butcher
2016-04-06, 14:03
Fantastic value for money and great choice of delivery. Meat has always been excellent, I would prefer everyone British Lion Food Store for grocery shopping.
David Ruddiman
2016-04-05, 03:53
Peter Groom
2016-04-03, 05:24
Easy to buy. Very fresh products, lovely taste . Well packed Recommended retailer.
Libby Allen
2016-04-02, 00:23
Quality, Quality, Quality

I have only been using The British Lion Food Store for a short time but I have found the food to be of excellent quality. The despatch and delivery times are very quick and communication superb. Even Lidl, which has great quality products, struggles to match on price. I use British Lion when they have special offers or when I'm planning a dinner party, not every week and I would certainly recommend them to my friends.
Istvan Lorincz
2016-04-01, 06:17
First class service from point of order to delivery. All meat items are excellent quality and excellent value for money, cheaper than supermarket. We have never had a poor quality item.
Ellen Michelin
2016-03-29, 11:02
Cannot fault the delivery, packing or quality of products. FIRST CLASS.
J. White
2016-03-28, 10:53
These people look like they have the best choice of Brit food in Bulgaria - well worth buying from them and I'll be doing that again soon :)
Jamie Niddrie
2016-03-28, 07:48
I ordered some sirloin steaks, burgers and mince. So far we've only had 2 of the sirloin steaks, but I'm still recovering from how delicious they were. Absolutely mouth watering and one of the best steaks ever. The service was excellent and everything arrived exactly when they said it would and well packaged to keep cool. Using the mince for bolognese on Friday, can't wait.
Галя Георгиева
2016-03-25, 16:36
Отличен избор, цени и обслужване :)
2016-03-23, 20:19
Fantastic service all round, quick response fast delivery,good choice of food and excellent quality ,would highly recommend this site for best English food supplier.
julie george
2016-03-22, 14:56
ive used blf for the last 2 years and have found george very helpful and provides a fast and friendly 5 star service.i highly recommend his store
Ивайло Димитров
2016-02-26, 00:37
Поръчваме редовно английски хранителни стоки от онлайн магазина и винаги оставаме доволни. Доставката е бърза, качеството - добро. Комуникацията по телефона също. Благодаря!
Мария Костова
2016-02-22, 05:36
Благодаря на Джордж Питърсън Клер за отлично организираната доставка, високото качество на продуктите и перфектното обслужване.
Клиентът получава специално внимание, сигурност и отговорност към поръчката.
Warren Mace
2016-02-22, 05:28
Lightning service and they had exactly what i wanted at a value price can't ask for more than that :)
Лена Орлова - В.Тырново
2016-02-21, 18:21
Джордж П. Клэр!

Благодарю Вас за отличное качество заказанных мною продутов - все вкусно и свежо.

Отличный сервиз и корректное обслуживание без никаких замечаний.

Отлично, что Вы есть!
Кафе Малада
2016-02-21, 06:59
Wonderful offerings! We were really pleased with the service and quality from the British Lion Food Store and they are now a regular supplier of our establishment. As George and Nataliya speak Russian and Bulgarian as well as English, communication is never a problem
Annie - Momchilgrad
2016-02-09, 15:37
I discovered George and the British Lion food store about 6 months ago and can honestly say it has brightened up my monthly shop no end. It is so nice to be able to have some flavors and treats from home delivered to my door with excellent service. Give it a try you won't look back!
Roger Brighten
2016-02-08, 09:21
i have used this company for about 3 years now and have found 100% reliable all of the products i have bought in that time have always been of a high quality and the delivery service is second to none i would recommend this company to anyone here in bulgaria
2016-02-04, 10:06
I am glad that we have the British Lion Foodstore in Bulgaria.The goods they offer are very good and delivered on time.The people working there are very kind and polite.I recommend them to everybody.
James Harvey-Brown
2016-02-03, 14:13
Thanks, George, for another carefully packaged and timely delivery of things which one could possibly do without but which make living in Bulgaria just that little bit more enjoyable.
Ann Hanton
2016-02-03, 13:45
I used the Econt service for the first time last week. My frozen food was frozen solid ! packed in an insulating box with still frozen ice blocks . I will use this service again
Andy Cobb
2016-01-31, 13:10
I have been here for over 4 years and had problems with getting what I wanted mainly sausages and bacon and tea.I'm fussy what I eat and it has to be perfect like the British Lion food store who supplies many me many quality food products.
Helen James
2016-01-28, 12:12
Excellent communication and service and excellent products received this morning - thanks very much for the goodies, I can't wait to try them.
mike kearns
2016-01-27, 09:37
well what can i say placed order monday morning recieved order wednesday morning i call that super service live at the other end of bulgaria in sandanski but getting order within 48 hrs takes some beating?? thanks george
Annette Walker
2016-01-26, 17:34
I would like to highly recommend the British Lion Food Store food suppliers - excellent prices, selection and really speedy service. They delivered perfectly frozen boneless turkey crown, full ham, bacon, sausages, cheeses, tuna, lamb and various pies on the morning of the 23rd December last year. I have since ordered again this month and can't fault anything again and I am picky! Will continue using their services whilst I stay in Bulgaria.
Holly Ames
2016-01-26, 17:10
Great service from a pleasant man. Always quick to reply to any queries and very fast delivery every time! I am so glad that there is someone like George offering this service to expats in BG. Keep up the good work George! :)
Joe Hipgrave
2016-01-13, 17:18
My wife and I have ordered from George many times. The service is excellent, with Econt delivery to our door. We would highly recommend the British Lion foodstore.
Janice Falconer
2016-01-13, 11:43
George has always been very helpful, very courteous and prompt and to time. I would recommend him highly, if you want good, quality food and on time.
I have to add that I have always been very happy with my deliveries from George. Always spot on, and on time. I've had icecream cakes delivered the next day, totally covered in polystyrene packing and ice packs everywhere. Never a problem. Personally, I loved the crumpets and scones, I love it all, probably because I don't like "foreign food" very much.
I just loved all my Christmas food I received, so thanks so much. Even my Bulgarian friend's Baba and cousins loved the Christmas puddings and the slab cake. Shame there was no Christmas Cake like last year, but they enjoyed the mince pies and custard. Plus the sausage rolls and Spotted Dick. His grandparents had never tasted English food before, and I also cooked roast potatoes.
2016-01-12, 12:01
I have no problems to recommend British Lion Foodstore,
For they are very efficient, The Products are excellent quality, and the customer service is impeccable and if ever any problem pops up (as is normal with any business) it is calmly and efficiently dealt with immediately and 10 out of 10 for service
Alex Coope
2016-01-12, 10:57
British Lion Foodstore is a brilliant website. I have ordered a number of times and the service I have had has always been excellent.
Being able to get overnight delivery to Bucharest has enabled me, and many more people here to enjoy the foods from home that every now and then you just crave.
I recommend to everyone I speak to and always look forward to making my next delivery.
David Simmons
2016-01-11, 16:42
I have used British Lion Foodstore many times and I've always found them to be efficient and easy to deal with. The orders arrive promptly from Econt and all in all I can recommend this company.
Владимир Суродееев
2015-11-29, 09:46
Великолепная--очень вкусная страничка. Для гурманом много важной информации. Мне было интересно. Рецепты попробую, и вам советую
Ирина Туголукова
2015-11-20, 09:45
Хороший магазин! Несколько раз заказывала, спасибо, все было очень вкусно!)
Гульнур Мырзабековна Жолдина
2015-11-10, 09:44
Рекомендую! Мне понравилься!
Anna Semyonova
2015-11-05, 09:44
It's a fine store, I really liked it and advise everyone , u will not lose your time if look this page , It;s so interesting here
Лариса Зарянкина
2015-10-25, 09:48
Замечательный магазин. Всегда захожу когда бываю у вас. Есть чем порадовать и душу и организм в большом ассортименте. Всем рекомендую!
Игорь Стеблев
2015-10-06, 09:46
Показал вашу страничку жене, ей очень понравилась. Надеюсь скоро приготовит что нибудь вкусное и полезное.
Денис Чураков
2015-09-30, 12:51
смотришь на все это и просто слюньки текут обязательно найду время чтоб посетить и отведать все эти вкусности
Anisim Egorov
2015-09-20, 12:50
Мне про ваш магазин рассказал коллега с работы. Похвалился. А я что рыжий что ли? Правда попал в него через две недели. И ожидания меня не обманули. Ассортимент богат, из за этого было трудно сделать выбор. Но потом устроили для себя праздник.
Ирина Шейк
2015-09-13, 12:49
A stunning store!All very elegant and insanely delicious!Prices will pleasantly surprise!I recommend to all
Евгений Трофимов
2015-09-09, 12:48
страница очень нужная-рекомендую всем!!!!
Ваня Перець
2015-08-27, 12:54
Excellent store itself is mostly deliciously inexpensive and pleasant.
Thank you for your luck
Awseq Dressf
2015-08-18, 12:53
I liked very good places
Barabash Oleg
2015-08-07, 12:52
очень все понравилось, рекомендую. Удачи вам, посоветую вас всем своим друзьям!!!
Татьяна Мегелык
2015-08-01, 12:51
Очень классное заведение,поверьте если вы его посетите раз-вы вернетесь сюда еще и еще...
Евгений Новиков
2015-07-29, 12:54
очень интересная страница
Enna Amitova
2015-07-27, 12:55
British Lion Foodstore Balchik - a delicious website. Saw a lot of interesting food, great recipes.This is interesting.

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Alternative Imports
2016-04-07, 14:59
I am constantly being blown away by the customer service at this store! They truly look after the well being and satisfaction of all of their customer...
Lydia Anders
2018-09-04, 11:38
Such a pleasure to buy goods here - really fast service and frozen in best condition when it arrives. I'll be buying regularly :)
Ивайло Димитров
2016-02-26, 00:37
Поръчваме редовно английски хранителни стоки от онлайн магазина и винаги оставам...

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For your order: Your Full names (minimum 2 First and Last), Full Address with street name and number as well as postal code, (if you are in a block of apartments than we need the apartment number, the floor number, the entrance number, the street number and the street name), Contact phone numbers (ideally 2 - 1 BULGARIAN mobile so that Econt can sms you regarding delivery), email address and other special instructions you might have for the courier company.

You will get a message saying your order has gone through and we will contact you by e-mail, though you will get an automated e-mail confirmation first.

***If you require your order to go to an Econt Office, please ensure you indicate which office you wish to use for delivery.  Frozen products sent via Econt travel  in a cardboard box insulated with polystyrene and containing special frozen gel sachets.  We are not responsible for any damages of any nature incurred by products resulting from Econt delivery procedures.***

***Please note that it is highly preferable for us to send any frozen goods to an Econt office for the client to pick up rather than to an address to minimise transit time.  If  the client chooses to order frozen goods to go to an address/village address, this will be at client risk as the courier may experience delays in delivery - goods may arrive highly chilled rather than frozen solid***

***Please note that  much of our stock is currently delivered bulk packed.  As such, some will have a BBE date on the outer, but not necessarily on the product itself.  We do keep track of everything that is past BBE and these products are offered at reduced prices on the site.  All products are offered with a reasonable BBE - if any customer requires a certain period of product life, kindly e-mail us and we will check and not supply if  we cannot match the requested period***

Contact Us

0885 085633 (English/Russian)

0885 337 506 (Bulgarian/Russian)



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